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I’m Dr. Sheri Cronin. I’ve practiced equine medicine in Mendocino and Lake counties  for 12 years.  Prior to that, I was an associate at Chuck Kessinger’s Adobe Animal Hospital in Santa Cruz, California for 6 years.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1993 and did a one year internship at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in Los Olivos, California. I am so grateful for my mentors, past and present and for their practice philosophies that influenced my early career so heavily. I was taught, among many other things, that “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” and that good colleagues not only support you as a veterinarian but also as a person-forever. Every year I try to reconnect with some of these folks at continuing education meetings.

My practice philosophy is based on preventative medicine, client education and improving quality of life for my patients. I prefer to proactively prevent lameness, performance problems, illness, accidents and injuries rather than to try to fix things after the fact.  I spend lots of time consulting with clients about nutrition, hoof care, housing, equipment, dentistry and preventative medicine.  My best educated clients seem to enjoy their horses the most, have the fewest emergencies and the healthiest horses.

I’m very grateful for the relationships I have with clinicians at UC Davis in both Surgery and Medicine. They are readily available to consult on cases, to review images, and to accept cases in need of referral. They support my practice and my clients by providing excellent care for referred cases, follow up and consultation. Their availability, amazing expertise and proactive attitudes are much appreciated. Every year I look forward to hearing them present their current work at the AAEP National Convention.

I was born loving horses and that hasn’t changed. I’ve been fortunate to learn from very talented and dedicated horsemen and women from early childhood to the present. Horsemanship skills are part of my daily practice life and I also continually strive to be a better rider.  I thank Marta Bartow for all she’s done to help myself, my family and our horses for many years. She continues to help us be better riders and horse people and keeps pushing us to learn new things. Who would have ever thought I’d be able to work a cow?

Photos below are of family, friends and horses we love-as well as a dog or two.